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Why are Medical Doctors Amazed With Bovine Colostrum Extract?

Why are Medical Doctors Amazed With Bovine Colostrum Extract?

by Arthur M. Echano, MD, ND, MACNEM

In modern medicine, there are basically 2 major therapeutic ways in dealing with diseases: drugs and surgery. Whenever you visit your medical doctor, s/he either prescribes a drug or recommends an operation.

Perfectly Safe and Effective

So when medical consultants start using a natural health product and get excited about it, this is unorthodox medical practice. Why would modern medical doctors adopt a form of therapy that is outside of the conventional modern medical way? There is only one reason: safety and effectiveness.
Lately, one such complementary medicine formulation that has attracted the attention of medicos is bovine colostrum extract. This simple and yet highly effective extract from the first milk of cows is now commercially prepared and is about to be marketed around the globe. What is special about it?

 Immune System Revival

We know that chemotherapy and radiotherapy have strong immunosuppressant effects. A very bad side effect since immune cells particularly the natural killer cells hunt and destroy cancer cells. But with these cells weakened or reduced in numbers due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, how can the spread of cancer be checked? By reviving immune function. With what? Bovine colostrum extract.

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For people with cancer, extreme fatigue is a common and debilitating symptom.
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Cancer Fatigue: It's More Than Just Being Tired



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caesarean Birth May Affect Immune System

Genetic changes after Caesarean section may explain increased risk of developing disease.

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have discovered that babies born by planned Caesarean section experience changes to the DNA pool in their white blood cells, which could be connected to altered stress levels during this method of delivery. The findings, presented in the July issue of the scientific journal Acta Paediatrica, may be a part of an explanation for why babies born by Caesarean section have an increased risk of developing certain disease in later life.

"Our results provide the first pieces of evidence that early so called epigenetic programming of the immune system during birth may have a role to play", says Professor Mikael Norman at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology.

Caesarean section delivery is rapidly increasing worldwide and is currently the most common surgical procedure among women of child-bearing age. Until recently, the long-term consequences of this mode of delivery had not been studied. It is now thought that early genetic changes could explain why people delivered by Caesarean section in later life are more susceptible to immunological diseases such as diabetes, asthma or leukaemia than those born by normal vaginal deliveries.

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Schlinzig T, Johansson S, Gunnar A, Ekström TJ, Norman M.
"Epigenetic modulation at birth, altered DNA-methylation in white blood cells after Caesarean section"
Acta Paediatrica 2009, 98, 1096-99 (Invited commentary on pp 1082-84 in same issue of the journal).

Contact: Sabina Bossi, Press Officer, Tel :+46 (0)8-524 860 66, E-mail:

Web Source: Karolinska Institutet


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

H1N1 Swine Flu Appears Similar to 1918 Pandemic Virus; WHO Recommends Vaccines Use Live (Attenuated) Influenza

NaturalNews) Two shocking bits of news about the H1N1 swine flu virus emerged this week. The first is that the widely-circulating swine flu virus may be a lot more dangerous than people have so far been told: It appears to resemble the 1918 pandemic virus in the fact that it is capable of embedding itself deep in lung tissue and causing deadly infections. This is very different from the more common "seasonal flu" which does not replicate in the lungs.

Explaining this concept, lead researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin wrote in the journal Nature: "When we conducted the experiments in ferrets and monkeys, the seasonal virus did not replicate in the lungs... The H1N1 virus replicates significantly better in the lungs."

As Reuters reports, Kawaoka also added, "There is a misunderstanding about this virus... There is clear evidence the virus is different than seasonal influenza." Read more


Monday, July 27, 2009

Study looks at using the immune system to reduce prostate cancer risk

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Immune therapies have been explored as a way to treat cancer after it develops. But a new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center suggests that genetic risk of prostate cancer can be reduced by rescuing critical immune system cells.

The study was done in mice and would need further validation and extensive testing in the lab before being available for humans. But the results are promising for people with a strong family history of cancer or known cancer genes.

Typically, vaccines are based on specific antigens and trigger immunity for a specific pathogen. This is more challenging for cancer as the best lymphocytes that generate immunity to cancer are eliminated during development. In this new study, researchers sought to rescue these key lymphocytes – called high affinity cancer-reactive T cells – during their development.

The study appears online the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.0905707106

U-M Cancer AnswerLine, 800-865-1125
U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center


Friday, July 17, 2009

Herbal Medications and Liver Disease

Herbal medications are a part of standard eastern medicine. Today, more patients and an increasing number of physicians are using single herbs and combinations in western medicine. Although these preparations are believed to have some medicinal value, there is also a risk of toxicity.

The following herbs have been described to cause a variety of liver problems ranging from hepatitis to liver failure and should not be consumed if you have liver disease (1,2). If you are being treated with interferon, herbs should not be taken unless under strict supervision. Make sure you discuss the potential reactions and interactions with both Western and Chinese medicine practitioners before taking any medication or herbal remedy. Although universally liver-toxic substances are identifiable in the laboratory, liver hypersensitivity problems are not predictable. One person may experience no negative side effect from a medicinal substance; another may have organ failure. Read More


Herbal medication linked to liver failure ???

February 8, 1995

Physicians should question patients aggressively about their use of non-traditional therapies and patients should exercise particular caution when considering "alternative" remedies, which may not have been through the rigorous safety testing required of traditional medications, suggests a group of Chicago physicians in the February 8 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Read More..


Weak Immune System? Heard about Colostrum? You should hear about Transfer Factor!

Nowadays, with the increasing stress factor during this difficult times, we are now more prone to get sick, because even though some people may still not believing it, studies show as a fact that stress and even our moods are directly tied with our health.
Have you noticed more people sick around you? more people with the flu, allergies, and also more serious diseases such as diabetes & cancer seem to be closer to us, among our circle of friends and/or relatives! and yes, even ourselves because of not only our stress levels and moods, but also the way we eat and what we do; healthy heating habits together with frequent exercise are key to keep our immune system. Read More


Colostrum Therapy for Lupus Patients

Lupus disease is considered quite epidemic and the sufferers numbers are growing. Currently there are about 500,000 to 1.5 million people in America suffer from Lupus, most of them are women. Lupus patients are often misdiagnosed because the symptoms that manifest resemble other ailments such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. Basically Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that takes place when our own immune systems attack our bodies including organs and tissues by treating them as foreign substances and producing antibodies against them.

That's why Lupus is considered as one of Autoimmune Disorders. Inflammations that take place in Lupus patients can affect various body systems including kidneys, skin, blood cells, joints, hearts, and lungs. The exact cause of Lupus is still a mystery until today.Traditionally Lupus is considered as an incurable disease. Most of the Lupus patients have little hope of complete remission. Traditional treatment of Lupus patients involves various drugs that can bring unwanted side effects. Most of traditional drugs that are used to treat Lupus are :

Immunosuppressive and Cytotoxic: They work by weakening the immune system so that the bodies of Lupus patients become vulnerable to infections and other diseases, including yeast and salmonella infections. These drugs also make Lupus Patients are more prone to respiratory and urine tract infections. Because of these vulnerabilities Lupus Patients often taking Antibiotic drugs in the longer term that can bring other side effects.
How Can Lupus Patients Benefit from Colostrum?

* Colostrum contains a lot of anti-inflammatory compounds. Many individuals found Colostrum is more effective than other anti-inflammatory drugs.
* Perhaps this is the most important part, Colostrum contains PRP (Proline Rich Polypeptide) which is a powerful regulator for the immune system. It can stimulate the immune system whenever necessary and on the other side can suppress the immune system to prevent autoimmune disorders.
* Colostrum has enough level of serotonins which is "The Feeling Good" hormone. This is important to help reducing the level of stress of Lupus Patients and other chronic patients.
* Colostrum can rejuvenate intestinal tract. Many times the restoration of gastrointestinal tracts are enough to provide relieving experiences for Lupus Patients from the pain symptoms. Read more from source


Colostrum is a proven, effective immune system booster

Soon after giving birth, female mammals produce colostrum, which is a milk-like substance that jump-starts a newborn's immune system. Researchers now believe that the benefits of colostrum don't necessarily end there. If you have a compromised immune system or are just looking for a boost to your healthy immune system, colostrum may be the jump-start you need to fight infection or immune-related chronic diseases such as cancer.

The immune-boosting property of colostrum stems from molecules called transfer factors, which were first discovered in 1949 by Sherwood Lawrence. While treating tuberculosis patients, Lawrence noticed that immune response factors could be transferred from blood donor to recipient, hence the term "transfer factors." According to Burton Goldberg in Alternative Medicine, transfer factors "can 'educate' or modulate a recipient's immune system, teaching it to recognize these specific antigens and communicating the knowledge that they are present." Read More from Source


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